Pink empowers breastfeeding moms with her Instagram post. Her post showed her breastfeeding her son Jameson while she was glammed up. She then added the caption stating that her son can multitask too with the hashtag "Workflow."

This wasn't the first time the singer posted something related to her breastfeeding sessions. Way back in April earlier this year, Pink posted a photo while they were hiking. The photo proudly featured her breastfeeding her son plus the caption stating that hiking made them (Pink and Jameson) thirsty.

Pink uses Instagram to promote breastfeeding

Breastfeeding in public and it being sexual have been a loud issue recently. The so-called "parent-shamers" have captured the attention of the society including celebrities. Women all around the world are affected by this issue, which stems out to a family and eventually the nutrition of newborn babies.

With the kind of enthusiasm that Pink showed in her Instagram posts, The pop singer indirectly empowered all the women all around the world that breastfeeding is a normal way of life and must not be seen as a sexual activity. Pink also served as an inspiration to all the working moms who need to multitask in order to meet hectic schedules.

Celebrity breastfeeding moms

On a similar note, American actress and singer-songwriter Amanda Seyfried also posted on Instagram the words "Breastfeeding is awesome" with a simple message of being a proud breastfeeding mom. Seyfried also intended to normalize breastfeeding for every woman in the world and that the stigma attached to it must be uprooted.

To add to the list of proud breastfeeding moms is Victoria's Secret model Candice Swanepoel. The South African Top model has been shamed lately for breastfeeding her infant in public to which she reacted without any hesitations.

Swanepoel said that breastfeeding is a very natural way to feed our infants. She also mentioned that every society has been desensitized to the sexualization of women's breast, then, why should it be different to breastfeeding?

American actress, model, producer, and director Olivia Wilde way back in 2014 has also publicly dismissed the negative feedback on her breastfeeding photo. The photo of her and her son Otis had a very cold reception but was immediately reinforced by Wilde saying that it was a very organic moment. She also added that her fans have the right to know what is going behind the camera, where her real life happens.