Kylie Jenner may be what many class as a "poor, little rich girl," but the youngest member of the Kardashian-Jenner clan has been vocal in the past about not feeling like she fits in with the majority of people her own age. The star has also stated in the past that she feels like she wasn't meant to be famous, but she was thrust into it by her well-known family.

Many people criticized the star for this comment, saying that they didn't feel sorry for her one bit since she was so wealthy. Kylie is on the fast track to becoming the wealthiest Kardashian-Jenner, thanks to her lip kit and soaring sales, but that doesn't mean the star is necessarily happy about it.

Opening up on 'Life of Kylie'

Kylie Jenner has said that she is doing the show "Life of Kylie" in order to give people insight into her life. According to Kylie, being a part of her family has required her to have an image that she feels like she has to keep up with, though she doesn't feel like she necessarily fits it.

Instead, she wants people to get to know her for who she is, not who she feels like she is supposed to be. The star will be opening up in a way she never has before, though production has expressed concern over the show already. Evidently, Kylie Jenner has not been as open as they would like her to be about her life and has decided she won't be talking about her love life. She also won't be opening up about her relationship with her ex, Tyga, or the feuds the pair have gone through that led to the ultimate break-down of their relationship.

Feeling like an outcast

According to Kylie, most of her life she has felt like an outcast. She says these days, it is "cool to be mean" and that she's "not going to do that" no matter how much it makes her fit in.

"In this little world, I feel left out," she says. The star agrees to be the date of a bullied young boy in high school who can't find any girl to go to prom with him.

Since Kylie never went to her own prom, she decided that she would go on a date with Albert and stated that she totally knows what it feels like to be left out.

Kylie's childhood was a lot different from that of most girls. She was on television from a very young age, and participated in the family's reality show since she was in elementary school.

By the time she was a senior in high school, Kylie owned her own home, something that most teenagers definitely can't say that they have done. It is also speculated that she has undergone several plastic surgery procedures.