Although Anfisa of "90 Day Fiance" surfaced on PornHub in a series of titillating solo videos, the TLC reality star told her friend Miranda on the most recent episode of the series that she waited until she was married to lose her virginity to Jorge, her husband. While the pair seems woefully mismatched, Anfisa has confessed that he is the only man she's ever been with, much to her friend and the audience's surprise. There has even been talk that the pair met via a cam girl site, where Anfisa worked as a "model," though this has neither been confirmed or denied as the pair still say they met via Instagram.

Was marrying Jorge a mistake?

While Anfisa was seen hitting Jorge with a closed fist in a recent episode of "90 Day Fiance," she claims that she does not regret marrying Jorge. She says that the pair rushed into marriage because they only had 90 days in order to make a decision. As such, they didn't have much time to settle or get to know one another before tying the knot. But according to Anfisa, even though their relationship looks volatile from the outside, the pair has had lots of "good moments" that are not necessarily shown on the show. Most audience members see the pair as totally mismatched, especially since Anfisa made it known from the beginning that she was interested in marrying a millionaire and Jorge definitely doesn't fit that description.

Anfisa was blind-sided by the fact that Jorge was in a lot of debt when they got married, and has asked to have a post-nuptial agreement so that she doesn't get saddled with it if they break up. She also wants Jorge to give everything to her in the event a divorce, which is more than a little presumptuous.

Anfisa rates their sex life

When asked how her sex life was with Jorge, she told her friend that she thought it was "okay" because she has nothing to compare it too. However, she did recently post to Instagram that the pair were happily celebrating their one year anniversary, so it can't be so bad that she has decided to leave just yet.

The star says she feels so attached to Jorge, despite their incompatibility and his inability to give her everything she wants because she lost her virginity to him. It is unclear if Anfisa means that if she hadn't lost her virginity to him she would have already flown back to Russia, which is something she has threatened him with several times. At least, though, the pair are still married, which is more than can be said for some of the couples on the show.