Bella Thorne has been capturing the media's attention a lot this summer as fans have speculated whether or not she was dating Scott Disick. The pair has been photographed together kissing and hanging out at Disick's home, but neither of the stars confirmed that they were an item.

Recently Thorne took to social media to confirm her relationship with artist Blackbear. Blackbear and Thorne have been posting photographs of one another and commenting on each other’s Instagram. Fans are delighted to see the end to the rumored couple of Bella Thorne and Scott Disick.

Thorne announces her new boyfriend

According to J-14, Bella Thorne has recently confirmed her new relationship with Blackbear, more commonly known as Matthew Tyler Musto. This had put a halt to the rumors surrounding Thorne and her supposed relationship with Scott Disick. Blackbear is a hip-hop artist, singer, songwriter, and producer.

According to The Hollywood Gossip, Bella hinted that she was in a relationship with Matthew a couple of months ago, but news of their romance faded once the tabloids began to report on her and Scott Disick's relationship. Bella teased her fans a few months back with sly comments that she had her eye on someone but was not ready to reveal who it was just yet.

Apparently, the star is more than ready to introduce the world to her boyfriend Blackbear, and she has done so in true Bella Thorne style.

Thorne made a statement by announcing her relationship through social media by posting a photograph of the pair kissing.

The pair have been commenting on each other's accounts

As if the photograph was not enough proof for fans of Bella Thorne, the celebrity and her new boyfriend have been posting comments underneath each other’s Instagram accounts.

Bella recently posted a picture of her in matching white shorts and a bralet to which Matthew commented that she was hot. Bella responded with the same causing fans to react in shock and excitement.

Fans can be sure that this is not some kind of joke played by the two celebrities and that they are in fact dating. In addition, if fans still doubt if Bella Thorne was telling the truth or not, she has also announced that the pair has adopted an adorable puppy together.

Fans are beyond delighted that Bella Thorne has finally settled down and put an end to the rumors that she was still hooking up with Scott Disick.

One has to wonder how Kourtney Kardashian feels knowing that her ex is not with Thorne. Neither she nor Scott Disick has made a comment about the situation.