Kylie Jenner's Snapchat followers were the first to see her upcoming Vacation collection just in time for summer. Launching June 15, the collection features an array of products ranging from matte lip colors to an all-new eyeshadow palette. The 19-year-old did not hold back when saying this is her favorite Kylie Cosmetics collection so far as she shared videos of product swatches.

Kylie gives fans a sneak peek of the Vacation collection

In true Kylie fashion, she took to Snapchat to debut the entire Vacation collection. She and a friend showcased the new line for viewers as they sampled swatches from the lipsticks, eyeshadow palette, highlighters, and bronzer set.

The matte lip kit, "June Bug," features a bright purple color, unlike any shades Kylie has previously released. She is also launching a new four-piece set of nude colors in matte and velvet options.

The eyeshadow palette, dubbed "Take Me On Vacation," features a new highly-pigmented formula, according to Jenner's Snapchat. The colors range from light pink and nude tones to bright blue and deep purple. The set was designed to capture the mood of summer vacations, and it seems Kylie is quite pleased with the results. The Vacation collection also features "The Wet Set," which includes four highlighters fans can use all over their body, according to Jenner.

In addition to the wet-dry highlighters, Kylie is releasing three "Ultra Glow" loose powder highlighters in the Vacation collection.

Lastly, Jenner announced a new bronzer and highlighter duo called "Skinny Dip" and two new glittery glosses.

Fans react to the new collection

Of course, fans are excited and looking forward to the release day as they comment on Jenner's social media posts. While some commenters asked about prices, others applauded Kylie on her newest collection.

"This collection is on another level!!! I couldn't be prouder of Ky."

Others said they cannot wait to get their hands on the new collection while some said they need to save up money for the launch happening this week. Kylie's fans also asked if the collection will be limited edition or part of the permanent line. "Will this collection be permanently sold?

Or is it limited?" So far, there's no word on how long Jenner will be offering the Vacation collection.

Kylie keeps her line fresh

Jenner continues to update her Kylie Cosmetics line monthly as she releases new products. Last month, she and Khloe Kardashian collaborated on the second Koko Kollection due to the popularity of the first edition. Prior to the Koko Kollection's second line, Kylie worked with Kim Kardashian to create four new nude-toned lip colors.

Jenner also released three new velvet lip kits this past month in spring-like colors. Kylie Cosmetics fans can rely on the teen to keep the fresh colors and products coming as she continues to add to her growing line.