TV reality star and Kardashian sister, Kylie Jenner, took to social media site Snapchat during July to confirm that she's going vegan. According to the Daily Mail, the 19-year-old has previously admitted that she's "obsessed" with food chain "In-N-Out Burger's" fried chicken and beef cheeseburgers. The star shared a picture on Snapchat, featuring vegan tacos and telling fans that she's trying to go vegan. Vegans eat a strictly no animal diet, which excludes food such as meat, eggs, dairy, gelatin, and honey. Animal rights group PETA has welcomed Jenners decision to try the diet, saying that they support the star and are there to help her and fans with the dietary transition.

Jenner also confirmed her dairy-free lifestyle on Twitter on 22 July, telling Seventeen magazine that she's cut it from her diet.

Kylie's life hasn't been the easiest recently

The Kardashian sister has not had an easy run of it lately. TMZ reported in late July 2017 that the star is being taken to court by artist, Sara Pope, who claims Jenner copied one of her most famous pieces of artwork. The painter and artist said Jenner blatantly copied her piece, "Temptation Neon", which features bleeding lips outlined by a neon strip. The similar image was seen in the first advertisement for Jenner's reality TV show "Life of Kylie". An update on TMZ's website reports that sources close to the production team of the star's show revealed the image was not created by Jenner herself, but a third party.

This isn't the first time Kylie has been under fire for her lip themed work, however. Make-up artist, Vlada Heggarty, threatened the star with legal action in 2016 after claiming Jenner's images showcasing her lip looks were lifted from the artist's Instagram feed.

Jenner's T-shirt line causes uproar

Unfortunately for Kylie, June 2017 wasn't a great month for her either.

The Jenner sisters, Kendall and Kylie, came under fire for using images of deceased musicians Notorious Big and Tupac Shakur on their newly released t-shirt line.The sisters' faces were also on the t-shirts, causing even more of a stir. The sisters were forced to remove the t-shirt line after threatened legal action by Notorious BIG's lawyer for his estate and uproar from the public and family members of the featured musicians.

Notorious BIG's mother, Voletta Wallace, took to Instagram after the t-shirt line's launch, expressing her outrage at the sisters' actions. Wallace branded the pair "disrespectful" and "disgusting", accusing them of using the deaths of her son and Shakur for their own benefit.