The Metlife Stadium in East Rutherford was packed with thousands of fans who witnessed pop rock group ColdPlay’s breathtaking performance, reported. The stage design was just as spectacular as the musical performance.

According to the report, Coldplay held another successful performance last Tuesday in East Rutherford, singing tracks from their album “A Head Full Of Dreams.”

But aside from the main performances, fans noted how the stage was set in such a way that it dazzled the eyes of spectators for a unique experience. The stage was reportedly a 360-degree visual show that included a Technicolor dynamite, fireworks, lights, and confetti thrown in the air.

“This was more than just a concert - it was a unifying event. The pervasive symbols of love and rainbows were visually spectacular,” Hunter Hulbert of wrote.

Amazing stage setup

Hulbert reported how the show started with frontman Chris Martin jumping in the air, while the set lighted up with fireworks and was drizzled with confetti. The whole venue had fans wearing LED wristbands that added to the visual experience.

The stadium was described as a sea of red, yellow and blue. Around 50,000 fans listened to the songs of the group, with some even left in tears, added.

As Martin entered the stage, the rest of the band – Will Champion on drums, Guy Berryman on bass guitar and Jonny Buckland on guitar – reportedly wore bright, elaborate attires.

"This is our 90th show, but as far as we're concerned, the last 89 have been rehearsals for this one!" Martin said during his performance.

The concert

The British rock band is currently holding their “Head Full Of Dreams” tour, and this is not the first time the band performed at Metlife Stadium. According to the report, it was in 2016 when they held their first visit on this stage.

The concert tour featured songs from their album, such as “Paradise,” “Hymn For The Weekend,” “Always In My Head,” “Everglow,” “Viva La Vida,” “Clocks” and more.

Drama on stage

Emotions poured out on stage, the news report said, such as the surprise performance of “Crawling” by Linkin’ Park. This particular song was said to have left some audience members in tears.

The report stated that Martin also expressed how deeply honored he was to receive massive support from the fans who spent the night yelling at the stadium. The singer added that the world needs more support like this as well, noted.