In the middle of his 2017 Purpose World Tour, Justin Bieber shocked his fans when he announced that he will not be pushing through with the remainder of the tour. The announcement was released in late July, and the fans who were excitedly waiting for Bieber's tour wanted to know the reason for the cancellation.

According to Entertainment Weekly, the "Sorry" singer said that he wanted to have a much-needed time out to maintain a sustainable career. Many have noticed that Justin Bieber's reason for canceling his tour was pretty much the same as his ex-girlfriend, Selena Gomez, when she also canceled her tour a couple of years ago.

Initially, reps of Justin Bieber explained to the fans that the tour was canceled due to unforeseen circumstances. With the vagueness of the explanation, many of Bieber's fans initially speculated that his tour cancellation might have something to do with China's decision to ban him from performing in the country. The fans of Bieber in China were infuriated when they found out that he was banned from performing in the said country because of alleged rude behavior.

A heartfelt letter to the fans

After the "Purpose" tour cancellation was announced by Justin Bieber's reps, the singer didn't release any statement regarding the issue until today. According to Entertainment Weekly, Bieber took to Instagram to share a heartfelt letter to his fans, explaining the need and the urgency to cancel the tour.

In the said letter, Bieber took the opportunity to thank his fans for all the love and support throughout the years. He also shared a vulnerable side of him, admitting that there were times when his insecurities end up getting the best of him. The "I'm The One" singer also shared that his past broken relationships have somewhat taken a toll on him and have enveloped him in an aura of bitterness, anxiety, and jealousy.

In a nutshell, Justin Bieber may have wanted to tell his fans that he feels suffocated with all the negativity swirling around him, and he needs to cancel the "Purpose" tour to detoxify his life not in the physical aspect but more spiritually and emotionally.

He wants to be sustainable

If his heartfelt letter to his fans on social media should have a keyword, it would have to be the word sustainable.

Justin Bieber repeatedly used that word, implying that he wants to have a sustainable career, to have a sustainable mind, heart, and soul to eventually shape him into the husband and father that he wants to be.