Kristen Stewart, the famous "Twilight" actress, has finally opened up about the chances of dating another man again. It has been recalled that the 27-year old actress has been into high-profile relationships for quite some time. Nevertheless, in one of her recent interviews, Stewart has finally revealed that she still has so much love to give. Amid the fact that her previous relationships didn't work at all, the actress was still having a positive outlook on her dating life.

As she revealed, Stewart has been deeply in love with everyone she has dated with.

As per Entertainment Tonight, the young actress confessed that she wasn't faking the love she has shown. In fact, she has been embracing the duality of her personality.

Few relationships

To recall, Stewart had created headlines when her past relationship with "Twilight" co-star, Robert Pattinson, has ended. Apparently, her dating game hasn't ended with Pattinson when she has also dated St. Vincent after several years. As of now, the 27-year old actress was known to be in a current relationship with the Victoria Secret model, Stella Maxwell. Since their news broke online, most of her followers were left in surprise after learning that she was dating a woman.

Nevertheless, the actress has always been opened about her sexuality.

In addition, she wasn't ashamed of her personality but she has become more proud of being true to herself. While all her past relationships have involved women, just recently, Stewart has revealed that she is still open to dating men again.

Talking in general public

During her recent interview with Harper's Bazaar, the brunette star has addressed the questions whether or not she'll be dating a man again.

On her statement, she has compared her life to a grilled cheese. As she added, anyone would love to eat grilled cheese for their entire life. However, the actress wanted to try everything as possible.

Hence, without a doubt, Stewart is no longer closing the chances that someday she will still be involved in a “man-woman” relationship.

However, it is also believed that the singer has also been enjoying her relationship with Maxwell today.

Since then, the "Twilight" star has always been vocal about her life in the general public. She felt that everyone has started to care for her when she became true about her real personality. Further, Stewart was also known to be a lot comfortable talking in public and perhaps, her interaction among the press has completely changed.