kirsten storms fans were elated when she finally returned to "General Hospital "on August 24th. Those expecting a steamy reunion with Nathan, however, were disappointed. The couple was last seen exiting a restaurant, leaving Mac and Felicia behind. They were headed home for some alone time but it was not shown on camera. Obviously, Ms. Storms is not back on full-time status.

Nathan and Maxie's marriage cannot be sustained this way

Nathan and Maxie have been separated for close to 6 months now, while she resides in Portland Oregon, and he remains in Port Charles. There is absolutely no way this couple can maintain a long distance marriage on a full-time basis.

Viewers believed this nightmare would end when Maxie returned to town and looked forward to her first night back with her husband. Unfortunately, fans were cheated out of seeing this reunion take place.

On the day Kirsten Storms returned to the role, her on-screen spouse made a comment that shocked some viewers. When explaining to Mack and Felicia why he and Maxie needed to leave the restaurant, Nathan mentioned that he and his wife only had alone time on weekends. This is something that had not previously been mentioned. Prior to this Nathan had never mentioned anything about seeing his wife on weekends. It has now been two weeks since Kirsten returned to "General Hospital," and she was only on screen for a short time during one episode.

Fans were hoping for a whole lot more after 5 months of waiting to see Ms. Storms back in Port Charles

'General Hospital' should show the fans more respect

Previously when Kirsten Storms took time off from her role as Maxie Jones, there were replacements and the character remained on the screen. This time around "General Hospital" did not give a reason for her exit.

Instead, they said that Maxie was working in Portland because Nina fired her, and she needed a job. Life went on for her husband who became friends with Amy. Now he is the face behind the Ask Man Landers column.

Nathan was going to tell his wife about the advice column when they were at the restaurant but Mack and Felicia showed up.

Shortly after, Ms. Jones and her spouse left to have alone time and she has not been seen in Port Charles since. Spoiler alerts for the next week on "General Hospital" do not even mention a story line with Maxie and Nathan. Fans will have to stay tuned until Kirsten Storms or the "GH" executives decide to explain.