Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber were spotted exiting the same church service recently and fans are wondering if there is something going on between the exes. The pair were not photographed together, which makes it seem that they attended the event individually. Neither of them has commented on the situation leading to rumors about their dating life.

Baldwin and Bieber attend the same conference

According to the Daily Mail, Hailey Baldwin was seen leaving a church in the Los Angles Area recently and it so happened that her ex Justin Bieber was attending the same service.

The pair did not exit the church together and did not appear to be there as friends or ex's however, this has not stopped the media from speculating that there is something going on between the pair.

The pair dated for a few months during 2016 but their relationship ultimately failed and fans are unsure if the pair is back together. At the time of their break up, Baldwin stated that when she was with Justin Bieber she always had to have a thick skin because of all the rumors and attention from the media.

One has to wonder how the star feels now that rumors about her and Bieber have cropped up again. Baldwin emerged from the church holding a program of the night's events. She tried to hide from the paparazzi as she made her way to her car but photographers managed to snap a few photographs of the celebrity.

The celebrity is very much in touch with her faith

According to EA Courier, Hailey Baldwin recently attended the ZOE conference, which brings attention to the cause of the local church in her area. The model took to Twitter to share her experience of the event and showed fans the strong connection that she has with her beliefs.

Baldwin tweeted out sayings including one, which states that people are put on this earth to follow their faith. It is clear that the model holds a lot of stock in her religion. She stated that her heart was full of love after the amazing weekend and is blessed to have been in the grace of God.

Baldwin is also a prominent member of the Hillsong Church, the same church her ex-was seen exciting from recently, and has stated that her faith is an extension of who she is.

According to the Courier, Hailey has stated that she knows the individuals who run the church and has confirmed that she has met the creators of the Hillsong church as well.

Neither Hailey Baldwin nor Justin Bieber has commented on their appearance at the same church and fans is wondering if this means that they are secretly bad together. Until the rumors are confirmed, they can only be taken as speculation.