The comings and goings on daytime TV have been numerous this summer. Sheila, Deacon, and Caroline all returned to "The Bold and the Beautiful." Greg Rikkart is out as Kevin in "The Young and the Restless." Hayden and possibly Obretch may be leaving "General Hospital" and Steve Burton is returning to the show. Now Spoiler alerts say that Burton is hinting that Jonathan Jackson may reprise his GH role as Lucky Spencer.

Lucky and Elizabeth

Decades ago Lucky Spencer and Elizabeth Weber were teenagers in love and fan favorites. Jonathan Jackson, however, left his role as the popular teen because of his faith.

Jackson a Christian said he did not believe in sex before marriage and would not do scenes where Lucky and Elizabeth were having pre-marital relations. "General Hospital" recast the role but Jackson has returned several times for brief stints. Steve Burton stated years ago in Soap Opera Digest that he also is a Christian. Burton, however, portrays his characters however they are written.

The character of Lucky Spencer is now living out of the country. And during absences from Port Charles, Elizabeth has moved on several times with other men. She is now living with Franco and raising her 3 sons Cameron, Aiden, and Jake as a single mom. Only her middle child Aiden belongs to Lucky. Ironically Jason Morgan is the father of her third son Jake.

Jackson probably will not be a permanent fixture on 'General Hospital'

Steve Burton has confirmed that he is returning to Port Charles although viewers are not sure whether he will return as Jason Morgan or another character. Now Burton teases that GH fans could possibly see Jackson portraying Lucky Spencer once more. If he does return it probably will only be for a short time.

Jackson has been busy with other ventures including singing and was part of the cast of the TV show "Nashville."

Unless Jonathan Jackson has changed his views on how his character is portrayed he probably will not stick around for a long time. Soap Opera characters today cross boundaries that were not even thought of when Jackson was acting as Lucky Spencer.

Gone are the days of squeaky clean role models such as Lila Quartermaine. It would truly be difficult for Lucky as an adult to interact with the other characters long term and continue to have the same values.

Spoiler alerts are pretty accurate but sometimes fall far from the mark. Steve Burton teasing that Jackson may return to "General Hospital" sounds promising and fans would be thrilled. It would be nice to see both of Elizabeth's baby daddy's in Port Charles. All the viewers can do is keep watching and waiting to find out if Burton returns as Jason Morgan or another character and if rumors of Lucky Spencer reprising his role are true.