Chip Gaines is a reality TV star who works on the show "Fixer Upper." Gaines and his wife have recently had to deal with Rumors stating that the couple is getting a divorce. Gaines has denied the rumors and stated he and his wife have a happy and healthy marriage with one another. This is not the only publicity Gaines has had to deal with as it has been revealed the star's former business partners are attempting to sue him.

Gaines has answered a fan's question about his divorce

According to the Daily Mail, star of the show "Fixer Upper," Chip Gaines has finally addressed the rumors surrounding him and his wife's divorce.

Gaines has denied the rumors and stated that he and his wife are sick of hearing that they are getting divorced. The couple has four children together and are very happy with their life together.

The Gaine's sat down for an interview with People Magazine recently and stated that they would love to have more children together. Joanna spoke about how their children are constantly asking their parents if they are going to have any more siblings.

Fans have taken to Twitter to ask Chip Gaines directly whether or not the rumors were true and Gaines was more than happy, to tell the truth. He commented underneath the question and stated that it will never happen finally putting the speculation to an end.

It remains unknown where the rumor first came from but the rumors have been ongoing for a few weeks now. The couple has stated that they have worked hard on their marriage and are very happy with their current life.

Gaines' life is cast into the limelight

According to E! News, Chip Gaines has had a hard time staying out of the media and recently there were reports that his former business partners were suing him.

His partners accused him of cheating them out of profits as Gaines bought them out of their stakes in the company for a low price.

However, Gaines has vehemently denied the claims and has taken action against his former business partners. Chip Gaines legal team are currently looking into the claims and have released a statement that Gaine's former business partners have no legal leg to stand on as they willingly sold their stakes to Gaine for the agreed amount.

The partners in the Magnolia Real Estate have not taken this statement on board and are continuing to pursue Gaines through legal means. It has been confirmed that they are trying to sue Chip gains for $1 million for the loss that they suffered in their shares.

Gaines has not made any further comments on either of the issues and it appears that everything has gone back to normal for now.