Being a mother is a blessing. A mom gives life to a child and raises them to responsible adults. Her life changes, she no longer lives her life like an ordinary girl, that's parenting. Kim Kardashian can agree with that.

Kim celebrates her children

While celebrating the National Son’s and Daughter’s Day on August 11, Kim expressed how it feels to be a mother. She said that having kids made her life better. She wrote on her app that she was thankful to her babies for choosing and allowing her to be their mom. The 36-year-old Reality TV star and a makeup entrepreneur also shared her three motherhood lessons which are, love, selflessness, and patience.

She added that her love for her kids is unconditional and vowed to love and support them in whatever they will plan to do in the future.

Kim learned good parenting from her mom

Kim took her lessons from her mom, Kris Jenner Their family grew up together, and their parents shared unforgettable memories with them. That’s where Kim got the inspiration to hold her family together. She clarified the patience part by admitting that while raising her kids, challenges come, but it's better to learn from them. She further added that being a mom is a duty, and every moment in life teaches her something new. Lastly, Kim said that she wanted to make unforgettable memories with North and Saint, but now her two children make her see herself through a different perspective.

You probably remember Kim Kardashian for her controversial past, the Ray-J thing is over after she settled and became a family lady. Some other people follow her for butt pictures. Her engagement to Kanye opened more opportunities, not for her alone, but also her family. Even though she is seen as a sex symbol, her motherly nature is admirable.

She is already a household name, and she enjoys a huge following on Instagram.

Kim and Kanye are expecting a third born

The Wests are also expecting to have one more child after the couple turned to surrogacy. The reason the couple took the alternative step was because both Kim’s pregnancies with her children were high risk, and they have a great desire to have one more child.

They chose a San Diego mom, and she is expected to give birth to the couple’s third born in January 2018. Well, fellas, I think you should stop hating on Kimmy. Show some respect to the celebrity mother, at least she is good at it. Her kids, 4-year-old North and Saint, 20 months, are perhaps the happiest kids in the universe. Happy Son’s and Daughter’s Day to them.