Ever since their announcement to the public of their separation, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have been slowly moving on with the divorce process. As the process moves on, fans can't help but hope that the couple would have a change of heart and get back together. Here are some updates on the couple's on-going separation.

"It's still going ahead."

Despite the speculations that they might be calling off the divorce anytime soon, an insider source from HollywoodLife said: "The divorce hasn't been called off, it's still going on ahead, they're just in no hurry." That will put the rumors of getting back together to a stop.

However, the insider said the kids would love for their parents to get back together. They also have further explained that they miss Brad at home.

How both parties are handling it

During the process, Brad had been reportedly making the right steps by quitting alcohol and even publicly taking the blame for their break-up. This has been after Angelina took full custody of their six kids and asking for drug and alcohol testing for Brad. In an interview with US Weekly, Angelina said she might second-guess the divorce if Brad would show that he's committed to having a family. But this doesn't mean that the divorce has been called-off.

The divorce had been progressing slowly due to the fact that both parties want what's best for their kids.

They want to make their children a priority. Thus, nothing had changed on their relationship. Just recently, both stars have spoken up about how the divorce had taken its toll in their lives and here are their responses.

Angelina's side

In an interview with Vanity Fair, Angelina opened up about how things started getting difficult in the Summer of 2016.

She further said that she doesn't want her children to see her being too emotional and that it's important to cry in the shower rather than doing so in front of the kids. She also said that her kids are healing not just from the divorce but from life. After moving into a new house, the kids and she are just taking a breather since it's been the most difficult time for them.

She also said that she had been diagnosed with Bell's palsy but was then cured. Right now, she just wants to focus on being a mom to her kids.

Brad's side

Brad also gave his tell-all to GQ opening up about his struggles. However, Brad did not mention anything about their kids. He also mentioned about dropping alcohol by replacing it with cranberry juice and fizzy water. After being asked how he did it, he just said he doesn't want to live like that anymore.

Whatever route the couple may take, fans are in full support. We can only hope for the best.