Celebrities can hardly leave their private lives. The moment you shoot to the top and become the center of attention, the world puts itself in your life and correct you when necessary. It happened to Kimberly Kardashian West on June.

Kim was accused of being unmotherly

Kim Kardashian was blamed for breaking the Law and being a bad mother, who would put the life of her child at considerable risk almost daily. But that was not the case. The proud mother of North and Saint West who will soon be a mother of three had shared a photo of Saint on Facebook, which to her just harmless.

It would have passed as a sweet and adorable photo, but fans had viewed it from a different angle.

Some Facebook users, after studying the picture carefully had discovered something was wrong. It wasn’t about the classy Van's the kid rocked or his sippy cup, but the side he was facing. Kim Kardashian was facing her one and a half-year-old son to the front of his seat. However, California law dictates that any child below two years, or weighing less than 40 pounds should face the rear while in his or her seat.

We didn’t know Saint’s weight though, but at just 18 months, we assumed he hadn’t reached the said weight limit. Then everything settled, and the story escaped from people’s lips, until recently, after a couple of months, when Kim decided to respond to her fans and describe the situation.

She took to her official website on Thursday and shared a video that was meant to hit back at her critics.

Kim fires back at the critics with a video

In the video, she said that she took a photo of Saint while he was facing forward and they say at his age he should be facing the rear. She then pointed out that actually, Saint weighs more than his sister, North.

What people could not notice in their screens was the fact that Saint is over the recommended weight and height, so he is automatically qualified to watch her mum driving and perhaps take driving lessons too-I’m joking. The American Academy of Pediatrics educates parents on how to keep their children safe, and one of their rules is to keep toddlers under the age of 2 in rear-facing car seats until they attain the recommended height and weight.

Well, Mommy-shammers you can invest your negative energy somewhere else. You should have at least considered that Kim is already an experienced mom.Her sisters, Kourtney and Kris, have children too, and their advice is enough. Kim also used the video to reveal the expansion of KKW Beauty range. She launched her makeup line at the beginning of this year. Honestly speaking, shammers should instead pay attention to her products.