Kim Kardashian recently took to her website to share a series of posts about how her children have affected her life on National Son's and Daughter's Day. The celebrity opened up about what her kids have taught her and how important it is to be there for them to make memories that last a lifetime.

The mother celebrated her children on National Son's and Daughter's Day

According to US Magazine, yesterday 11 August was the National Son's and Daughter's Day and celebrity Kim Kardashian took the time to celebrate her two children North and Saint West.

The star stated that having kids changes everything but in the best way, one could possibly imagine. Her daughter North is 4-years-old and her son Saint is nearly two-years-old at 20 months.

Kim took to her personal website the write a letter of celebration to her children where she also thanked her children for choosing her to be their mother. She then shared three things with her fans that she has learned from being a mother and stated that she has learned to be even more loving, patient and selfless because of her children.

She went on to say that, she always had a tight knit family and that they loved each other unconditionally. She stated that she finally understands the unique bond that her parents, Kris and Robert, feel with each of their kids and has thanked her parents for the example that they set for her and her siblings.

The star talks about how her priorities have changed

According to Entertainment, Kim Kardashian not only celebrated what she has learned from being a mother but she also opened up about how her priorities have changed since having children. The star stated that the second North was born there was a natural shift in her priorities and life became about her children.

She has expressed her desire to always be there with her kids and to be constantly making new memories together. Kim has explained that having children made her realize how precious life is and has stated that her children give her a new perspective on herself as a person and a mother.

The celebrity than shared some images of herself with her daughter North and son West to social media.

She included pictures of her children with their father and Kim's husband Kanye West. It is clear that family is extremely important to Kim Kardashian and that it must come before anything else in life.

Kim and Kanye have hired a surrogate for the birth of their third child who will be due in December 2017 or January 2018. They are thrilled to be adding another member to their family and to give North and Saint a sibling.