"13 Reasons Why" is an original Netflix series which has gained immense popularity. Fans were beyond surprised when the show did not receive a nomination for the emmy's and stars Dylan Minnette and Katherine Langford have finally commented on the issue.

'13 Reasons Why' did not get any Emmy nominations

According to a report in Entertainment, back when the Emmy nominations were being handed out the show "13 Reasons Why" was not nominated for any awards. The show was released on Netflix and gained worldwide attention, as well as the title of the most tweeted about the show.

Fans were shocked to see "13 Reasons Why" snubbed by the organizers of the Emmy's and it is possible that the show did not receive a nomination due to its controversial content. The show follows the story of suicidal teenager Hannah Baker who kills herself and leaves 13 tapes behind as to why she took her own life.

Dylan Minnette and Katherine Langford respond

According to US Magazine, stars of "13 Reasons Why" Dylan Minnette and Katherine Langford have finally responded to the fact that their show was snubbed at the Emmy's. The stars were completely unfazed by the fact that the popular Netflix series did not receive a nomination and have opened up about their thoughts surrounding the issue.

Dylan Minnette stated that he did not really think too much about it and it is clear that the star did not mind in the slightest that "13 Reasons Why" was not going to receive an award.

Minnette explained that while he would like to see the show get any attention that it can he also is happy to be working on something that has affected the world in the manner it has.

Minnette went on to claim that he did not care whether he got an award or not but has stated that it would be good for the show if he had and that is all that matter.

The star's focus is clearly on the message of the show, which he feels strongly for. Katherine Langford shared similar comments and stated that as of right now they are busy working on season 2 of the show.

She stated that the entire cast and crew are busy working and while she cannot speak on their behalf she personally feels very proud about the work that they have been doing on "13 Reasons Why." She stated that awards are an incredible celebration of the work that has gone in behind the scenes and has expressed her excitement at watching the Emmy's this year.

It is clear that the cast of "13 Reasons Why" care deeply about the show and have expressed their feelings about the Emmy nominations with grace and intelligence.