"Big Brother 19" fans know that Cody Nickson is on his final countdown unless something major changes. Having not been put on the block by Alex as the current HOH, Cody is prepared for the obvious backdoor plan that is in place. Since he has been self-isolating in the Have Not room, a few of the houseguests have been reaching out to him.

The following will contain "Big Brother 19" spoilers. If you don't want to know what may make the editorial cut, stop reading now.

Cody's only hope when Jessica was evicted was to win the Head of Household competition.

Unfortunately for him, that didn't happen. Alex and the rest of Team Paul remain determined to get him out, and it would appear that the plan is set to go perfectly. Matt found his way to the Temptation Nominee seat, and Alex nominated Elena and Jason. When players were picked for the Power of Veto competition, Cody was not picked. Instead, Mark and Paul will round out the six competitors.

Last night on "BBAD"

Kevin was seen on "Big Brother After Dark" last night struggling with being homesick. He misses his wife and children very much and has been dealing with it quietly. Paul was in a nostalgic mood being a return player and understanding so much more than the other players do about readjusting to their lives, and the long term effects the game will have on them.

He had shared his wisdom with everyone in the house and extended an olive branch to Cody. When he got wind of Kevin's homesickness, he offered a shoulder. According to the on-screen poll, "BBAD" viewers only loved Kevin more after hearing him speak about his family.

Kevin and Cody had a similar conversation earlier today. No one in the "Big Brother 19" house knows about his five-year-old daughter or the tragic death of his brother.

He shared both with Kevin and told him he would rather that the rest of the "Big Brother 19" houseguests not know. Kevin was shocked to learn that Cody is a father who has a child he loves and cares for. As one father to another, he asked Cody why he didn't tell him in the beginning.

One father to another

Cody has been very antisocial since his HOH reign during the first week, Though he has a bond with Mark and Elena, it is only superficial.

He no longer trusts anyone now that his showmance partner has been evicted. So why open up now? Maybe the time he is spending alone in the houseful of strangers is giving him too much time to reflect. Kevin, being the fatherly figure of the "Big Brother 19" house, may be able to offer the younger father words of wisdom that no one else could.