Michael Moore recently appeared on the show "The View" in which he shared his opinions on politics and on who he believes should be the next President of the United. Moore named out some celebrities he thinks would be the ideal candidate and stated that he thinks Tom Hanks would be a great choice. Other members of the show met this statement with opposition.

Michael Moore shares his views

According to the Daily Mail, Michael Moore has come forward and stated that he thinks Tom Hanks should run for President of the United States. Ever since Donald Trump managed to become the next president of the United States it appears that people have been putting celebrities forwards as suggestions for the country's next leader.

Moore has stated that he thinks that the next president should be a celebrity who is a Democrat and believes that Tom Hanks would be the perfect man for the job. Moore has explained that Hanks is a beloved celebrity and he thinks that the public would willingly vote him in as the next president.

According to Gossip Cop, Michael Moore made these claims when he appeared on an episode of the TV series "The View" in which he took part in a political debate. The conversation quickly turned to whom Moore thought would make an ideal president and he stated that Oprah Winfrey is also another potential candidate for the running of 2020 simply because the public adores her.

Moore was met with disagreement on the show

According to Gossip Cop, Michael Moore was met with some disagreement on the show as one of the hosts Jedediah Bila explained that a large portion of the public does not want to have a celebrity as their president. Bila referred to the ongoing joke of having Kanye West or even Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson running for the presidency for the next presidential term and has stated that it would be a disaster.

According to Jedediah Bila, the public does not put a lot of faith in celebrities as potential leaders as they believe that they are largely out of touch with politics. However, Moore questioned this stating that the current president Donald Trump started out as a controversial celebrity and has been voted into power despite his clear racism, sexism, and homophobia.

Both Moore and Bila come from opposing sides as Moore is a democrat and Bila is a conservative. It appears that Bila sees the current president as a savvy businessman though Moore has a conflicting opinion of the current President. The pair agreed to disagree and Bila added that if the Democrats want a celebrity to run for president then she has no problem with that, however, she would not want them to win.

Tom Hanks has not commented on Michael Moore's claims that he would make a great president and fans are eagerly waiting for his response.