Sorry, Kesha! But it seems like Jerry Seinfeld is not fond of hugs and pop stars after he refused to give the "TiK ToK" singer a hug during their encounter at the "National Night of Laughter and Song" hosted by David Lynch Foundation on Monday night.

'No thanks!'

Jerry Seinfeld and Kesha bumped into each other on the red carpet. The “Die Young” artist approached the popular comedian/actor who was in the middle of an interview. The pop singer was in high spirits when she told the comedian that she loves him. Although the "Seinlanguage" author was flattered by her gesture, Jerry Seinfeld was taken aback when Kesha asked for a hug three times!

To everyone's surprise, the Comedy Central awardee politely rejected the offers, prompting laughter from everyone who witnessed the awkward moment. The "Your Love is my Drug" singer, on the other hand, laughingly walked out and left the scene. Going back to his interview, Jerry Seinfeld honestly told the reporter, "I don't know who that was!" When he was informed that the woman was Kesha, the comedian replied, "Okay! Well, I wish her the best!"

His awkward encounter with the Pop Singer became viral and has earned mixed response on social media. Some people find it hilarious, while others accused the comedian of being rude. "Sorry, Jerry! You lose points for being too cool to hug. Kesha you gain points for having an open heart," a commenter said.

Another one thinks the pop singer was being impolite when she interrupted Jerry Seinfeld's ongoing interview. Kesha has yet to give her words on her epic encounter with her supposed idol.

'I don't know everyone'

To explain his side of the story, Jerry Seinfeld graced an interview with Extra to defend his behavior.

The veteran actor admitted he is not familiar with every pop singer in the music industry given his age; hence, he refused to Kesha’s gesture. The "Bee Movie" star explained he has created his own reality after years of working as a comedian, actor, writer, producer, and director. "In my reality, I don't hug a total stranger.

I have to meet someone, say hello. I have to start somewhere," Jerry Seinfeld said.

The TV personality clarified that he is honored to be recognized for his works. He, however, thinks that television is not a two-way channel that allows one to know who's watching them. Meanwhile, the father-of-three commended Kesha for being cool about his refusal to give her a hug. When asked if he granted the singer's request after that awkward encounter, Jerry Seinfeld bluntly said Kesha did not get a hug that night.