Kathryn Dennis may not have made the best decisions over the past couple of years. Despite filming "Southern Charm," Kathryn couldn't stop taking drugs and couldn't put her children first during a period of her life. Despite being a mother to two children, Kathryn Dennis didn't feel that she had much motivation to get her life straight and sadly her relationship with her kids suffered. The judge removed her rights to her children and her ex-boyfriend Thomas Ravenel was awarded primary custody of their two kids.

On "Southern Charm" Kathryn Dennis has to ask Thomas for permission to see her children and one can imagine that it isn't nice for her to beg Thomas for more time with her kids.

On "Southern Charm" the two appears to get along great, and it sounds like Thomas wants his former girlfriend to have time with her children. He realizes that the kids need their mother and he doesn't want to be the barrier between Kathryn and her kids. Interestingly enough, it sounds like Kathryn and Thomas may be on the same page as she is now getting more time with her kids.

Gets to see her children

According to a new tweet, Kathryn Dennis is now revealing that she is spending lots of time with her daughter Kensington and they are truly bonding once again after having spent months apart. One can imagine that Kensington loves her mother, as fans have seen on "Southern Charm."

"My sweetheart.

She even made a song out of this; I say it to her every morning and every night. These moments are what life is all about!!!!!!!!!" Kathryn revealed on Twitter recently.

While filming, Kathryn had scheduled a photo shoot for her and her daughter, and when the photo shoot ended and Kensington had to leave with her father, she was completely devastated.

It was heartbreaking to watch her daughter cry out for her mother, knowing that she could not live with her mom. But it sounds like things have turned around for Dennis as she is now getting along with Thomas.

Will they get back together?

She recently revealed that she and Thomas had hooked up after the "Southern Charm" reunion special and that they may be working on possibly getting back together.

While Thomas has yet to talk about their relationship, it sounds like there is peace between them at the moment. This is great news for their two children, as they now get to see their parents getting along. One can imagine that they are thrilled with this news, as they haven't seen their parents together for a very long time.

One just has to hope that Kathryn can leave the past in the past and forgive Thomas' decision to date some of their shared co-stars possibly. It may be much to forgive, but Kathryn seems more mature now than ever, and her children do come first in her life.

What do you think about Kathryn Dennis spending more time with her two children? Are you surprised that she now loves the time with her daughter?