kelly dodd has no problem calling out her "Real Housewives of Orange County" co-stars whenever she sees something that is troubling to her. Kelly has been very vocal about her drama with Heather Dubrow last season, about her dislike for Meghan King Edmonds' text about Dodd, supposedly having a boyfriend and cheating on her husband, and even about Shannon Beador's weight gain and Kelly pushing her buttons.

As it turns out, Kelly now has something to say about the new housewife Peggy Sulihian, as Kelly feels that perhaps Peggy is a bit sheltered. Apparently, there are a lot of things that Peggy doesn't understand, despite living in the United States.

Dodd points out in her Bravo blog that perhaps Peggy's husband is keeping her a bit sheltered, as she fails to pick up on simple statements that are very common to the American culture.

Don't beat a dead horse

One of the examples that Kelly Dodd is referring is the "don't beat a dead horse" statement that her husband made on Monday's episode of the show. He was surprised that she didn't know what it meant.

On "The Real Housewives of orange county," Peggy explains that she had lived in the United States for all of her life except for one year. She does hang out with her family quite a bit, and Kelly doesn't understand why she isn't really opening herself up to the American culture.

"I find that watching Peggy continually struggle with social norms and colloquialisms baffling," Kelly writes in her Bravo blog, adding, "I guess Diko shelters her, or maybe she is used to primarily associating with other Armenians?

Regardless, while her naivety at times comes across as cute, it’s starting to wear thin."

Is she sheltered?

It is interesting that Kelly Dodd thinks that Peggy's husband is sheltering her, perhaps keeping her focused on her Armenian friends. While Peggy herself seems to be a very independent woman who will do whatever she wants, it's no secret that men with money tend to treat them in a bit like property.

Perhaps Peggy doesn't know these sayings or references because she doesn't get out much.

While Dodd's curiosity may be innocent and pure, it is interesting that the blame falls on Diko, her husband. He may have nothing to do with her lack of understanding when it comes to American sayings.

What do you think about Kelly Dodd's decision to call out Peggy and her husband for Peggy's lack of understanding when it comes to American sayings?