kathryn dennis and Thomas Ravenel have been together off and on over the years and have two children together. In the past, they have hooked up after the "Southern Charm" reunion show and now it turns out that this happened once again this year. Andy Cohen has teased them about it and now Kathryn is admitted to what went down between them.

What did Kathryn have to say?

Sparks flew between Thomas and Kathryn at the season four reunion show for "Southern Charm." It turns out that these two ended up taking those sparks into the bedroom after it was all over.

During a recent interview with "Be Here for a While with Rachael O’Brien," Kathryn revealed something that surprised everyone.

It turns out that after the show was over they hooked up once again. Kathryn revealed all saying, "I have never told anyone this, but after this year’s reunion or whatever, you know how in the past we’ve hooked up afterwards? That happened this year, and this is the first time I’m saying it." So, this isn't just an accusation at all. Kathryn actually revealed the truth and didn't hold back.

Kathryn Dennis shares even more

That isn't all that Kathryn Dennis had to say about it all. She says that a lot of stuff happens behind the scenes that the fans don't get to see. Kathryn actually says that these two are not ever going to get back together totally.

They do have two children together, but that doesn't seem to be enough for them.

Then she went on to explain that she actually won't ever say never. These two could end up back together honestly. She admits that there is still an attraction between them. That is something that anyone that watches Kathryn and Thomas can tell without a doubt.

She does know that he can charm her anytime. Kathryn admits that Thomas can't really provide her with the relationship that she wants. It just doesn't look like they are meant to be even though they have had their good times over the years.

The fans have always wondered if Thomas and Kathryn will get back together. Even though they have problems, it wouldn't shock anyone if they end up together again someday.

Hopefully, it will continue to play out on "Southern Charm."

Are you shocked to hear that Kathryn Dennis and Thomas Ravenel hooked up after the reunion? Do you think that these two should be together? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don't miss "Southern Charm" when it returns to Bravo. Shep Rose also has his own spin-off coming soon called "Relationshep."