Kim Kardashian, the American reality TV personality, and Kanye West, an American rapper, are one of Hollywood's favorite couples. Affectionately known as "Kimye," the couple have been married for three years and had two children. The world has "oohed" and "aawed" over the couple's children, North, age 4, and Saint, age 2. But now there is a different reason to "aaw" and this time it's because of North's adorable puppy named sushi. Only it seems as though Kanye wants some attention too after he photobombed Kim as she was taking a selfie with the dog on Thursday.

Sushi- the famous pup

North West turned four this June. And her birthday present? An adorable Pomeranian dog. Both Kim and her sister, Kourtney, decided that a dog is a perfect birthday present for a little girl. And so, both North and her cousin, Penelope, were given Pomeranian puppies, according to the US Magazine.

The Daily Mail later published that Kim K took to Twitter shortly after the dog joined the family, asking fans to vote on a name for the fluffy puppy. Options for the names include "Peachy Pop," "Sushi" and "Goldie." A little while later though, Kim announced that North had decided that her new friend's name was to be Sushi. She also posted an adorable photo of North and Sushi.

Kanye West steals the spotlight

It seems as though North is not the only one who enjoys Sushi's company. This Thursday, Kim was taking selfies with the little pup. She has made no secret of her affection for Sushi, posting photos of the dog on Instagram and sharing pictures of her daughter and Sushi on social media. She posted a picture of Sushi on Instagram in July, as they reenacted the "Lion King" pose with the little pup.

Kim was taking yet another selfie with the puppy when her husband walked into the room. The result? An amusing photo bomb by Kanye West. Of course, West would probably have waited for his wife to finish taking pictures if she had so wished but instead Kim decided to post the photobombed selfie to Instagram with the caption, "When you're trying to take photos with your dog but your hubby photobombs you." The selfie that soon went viral shows Kim K in a white tank top, cuddling with Sushi in the bedroom.

Her face is not shown in the photo, but in the background, you can see West unknowingly sauntering into the room.

And so it seems that Kanye West finds the limelight, even when he's not looking for it. Just another day in the life of the rich and famous.