Kailyn Lowry has been trying to keep her opinion to herself after divorcing her ex-husband, Javi Marroquin. On “Teen Mom 2,” the two of them are trying to stay cordial with one another. While Javi just wants things to be normal between them, Kailyn is making it tough because she has a bit of an attitude. When Marroquin went to visit her and the kids, she essentially yelled at him to stop thinking he was home.

Of course, fans are split as to who to believe. Lowry has a bit of an attitude and Javi is an ex-husband of a “Teen Mom 2” star. While some people are loyal to him, others are willing to switch sides and show loyalty to Javi.

This week when the “Teen Mom 2” episode aired, Kailyn tweeted that sometimes it’s not worth it to speak out and get into a fight. It is possible she was referring to something that happened on the show and she doesn’t want to get into a social media fight with her ex-husband.

Will she follow her own advice?

“Sometimes ya gotta just keep your mouth shut and keep it movin. Let people think they know,” Kailyn Lowry revealed on Twitter, hinting that perhaps it’s better to let people have their opinions even though they may be false.

It’s possible she’s referring to her ex-husband and something he said on the show. But many people have been speaking out about her pregnancy and they have been guessing whether she’s having a boy or a girl and whether she’s taking on this pregnancy on her own.

Kailyn has revealed that she’s well aware that she’s having a third baby by a third man and she doesn’t need people reminding her in regards to her decision. Instead, she thinks people should mind their own business and let her do what she wants.

Nearing her due date

Kailyn is nearing her due date. Lowry had previously hinted that she was due in July, but based on her February announcement, she is now set to give birth in August.

This would line up with her announcement, as she must have been three months pregnant at the time.

Lowry hasn't revealed whether she will be documenting her birth or new role as a mother to three children on social media. She has hinted that she's pregnant on "Teen Mom 2," but she's keeping her business to herself. One has to wonder how she's planning on handling this pregnancy on the show.

Fans are curious and they want answers, especially as to when she got pregnant.

What do you think about Kailyn Lowry not getting into an argument with her ex-husband? Are you surprised she’s holding her tongue?