Teen Mom 2” star Kailyn Lowry decided to open up and share her pregnancy story on the show this past week, as one of her friends had leaked the pregnancy by accident when she was filming. Her friend told her she was “so pregnant” after Kailyn complained about being tired. Lowry revealed that she had been dating a guy named Chris Lopez when she had gotten pregnant. She revealed that he wanted nothing to do with the show, so he chose to stay in the background.

When the producer asked Kailyn about the pregnancy, she revealed that she had chosen to get pregnant, but she didn’t reveal whether Chris was in on it.

Since this was filmed, Lowry has revealed that Chris doesn’t want to help out and she’s essentially on her own. Based on this conversation on “Teen Mom 2,” Lowry is now being attacked for how she handled the entire situation.

Several people on Twitter revealed that they are convinced she got pregnant while she was still legally married to Javi Marroquin, while he estimates it to be one month after. One person even wrote that she had gotten pregnant by the guy, who had been spending time at her house – the same guy Javi Marroquin had run into at the house.

Did she use Chris to get pregnant?

When Kailyn revealed she was pregnant, she explained that the pregnancy was planned. It doesn’t sound like Chris was in on the pregnancy planning because they broke up soon after.

However, Lowry is happy to take on this pregnancy on her own.

Because of her explanation, people had plenty to say about this pregnancy. They wanted answers, and some people were convinced that she had been lying about the timeline as she may have gotten pregnant while she was legally married to Marroquin.

Taking things with ease

When Kailyn realized that people were essentially making accusations about her, she asked her followers to calm down as they don’t know the entire story.

Of course, fans only judge on what they see on “Teen Mom 2” and on social media, and it sounds like Kailyn feels confident and comfortable in her decision.

Now that Lowry has given birth to her Baby Boy, she can move forward and focus on taking care of her third son. She now has a tribe of boys, and one can imagine that Isaac and Lincoln are excited about having yet another brother in the family. No word on what she chose to name her baby boy.

What do you think of Kailyn Lowry’s decision to get pregnant? Do you think she’s right in telling her followers to calm down?