Leave it jax taylor to stir up drama with his point of view. This week, Derick Dillard from the Duggar reality shows, decided to tweet something very controversial. He called “transgender” a myth and he wrote that gender is not fluid. He wrote this on Twitter in relation to the television network, TLC, which was promoting their show, “I Am Jazz.”

When people lashed out at him for writing this, Derick wrote back that he meant no offense, but just wanted to point out the words being used and the definitions of transgender. To top it off, he used the wrong pronoun for Jazz, the person in question.

This behaviour has rattled the internet and people are asking that Derick and the Duggar reality shows be removed from the network. Of course, he is allowed to share his opinion, but people don’t agree that he should be paid so much money for a show when he is so critical of others.

How is Jax involved?

So, how is Jax Taylor involved in this online drama? Well, Jax learned about what Derick had said on social media. Instead of writing directly to Derick like many others have done, he decided to write directly to Dillard's wife. He found an old tweet from 2014, where she gushed about how much she loved him, but Jax wrote to her that she had found a jerk.

It is very interesting that Jax is going after Jill Dillard because of her husband's behavior.

Many people have told Derick how his tweet was out of line, but he doesn't seem moved or phased by people's reactions. Instead, Jax Taylor decided to tell his wife that her husband may just be so aggressive on social media because he is hiding from his own sexuality.

What will TLC do now?

It does seem out of line for one person to attack another, considering both of their respective shows are being aired on the same network.

Many Twitter followers called for Derick to be removed from TLC, but the network hasn't said anything. Perhaps they respect that he is allowed to have his own opinion and Jazz, the transgendered person in question, is allowed to say whatever she wants in defense of herself.

But it sounds like Jazz has the support of many people, including Jax Taylor from "Vanderpump Rules." Surely, the entire cast supports her, as they have been very active in the pride movement and many of the "Vanderpump Rules" stars have walked in the Los Angeles pride parade. It sounds like Taylor is indeed quiet upset about Derick's tweet.

What do you think of Jax Taylor getting involved in this Twitter drama with derick dillard?