Kailyn Lowry is currently loving her role as a mother, as she's spending time at home with her newborn son. She's now the mother of three boys and it sounds like she enjoys being a stay-at-home mother for now. Lowry has revealed that she is planning on finding a job and starting a career, but one can imagine she's excited about being at home with her son for now. Sadly, not many people support Lowry's decision to get pregnant again. It's no secret that she chose to get pregnant on purpose as the doctor had given her a timeline. Her body could simply not carry another child in the future.

Because Kailyn Lowry has been so defensive about this pregnancy, many "Teen Mom 2" fans are guessing that she may have been pregnant several times. On the show, Kailyn revealed that she had indeed suffered a miscarriage and Javi Marroquin was devastated. He really wanted another baby so he was shocked and saddened when she told him that they would not be having another baby. Because Lowry has been so open about her miscarriage, some followers are now spreading false rumors about her, claiming she's been pregnant seven times by seven different men.

According to a new tweet, Kailyn Lowry is now asking her followers to please stop spreading false news about her. One can imagine she would prefer to explain her health to her fans herself rather than rely on rumors.

One can imagine that she wants the facts to be right, as she has three boys who will one day read stories about her online.


Of course, Lowry has been very open and honest about the miscarriage she had when she was married to Javi. She talked to him about the miscarriage on "Teen Mom 2" and she even opened up about how she didn't like his reaction to the news when she was filming the "Teen Mom 2" reunion special.

However, Kailyn is now revealing that this may be the only miscarriage she's had. She adds that she has definitely not been pregnant seven different times by seven different men. While she can prove that this has happened three times, the other accusation appears to be false.

Determined to be single

Since having her third child, Kailyn Lowry has revealed that she's fine with being single for the rest of her life.

Her focus is now on her children, having fun with her family, and starting a successful career. One can imagine she's excited for this next chapter of her life and she's thrilled to be leaving the daily drama behind. Lowry is now starting the path to have a life without "Teen Mom 2."

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