“Bachelor in Paradise” in June 2017 faced controversy due to two of its contestants’ sexual scandal during the filming of the show’s Season 4 production. Corinne Olympios and DeMario Jackson engaged in a sexual encounter at the swimming pool while they were filming. Warner Bros., the distribution company for the show, briefly shut down the production to investigate the incident but resumed it after they found out that the show wasn’t at fault. The remaining contestants previously discussed the incident with the show’s host Chris Harrison, where they blamed Olympios.

Recently, she told the host that she did not blame Jackson for the said incident.

DeMario Jackson was not at fault

On Tuesday “Bachelor in Paradise” episode, Corinne told host Chris Harrison that she did not blame DeMario for the Sex Scandal because they were both involved. Her recent comment about the sexual misconduct took place almost three months after the incident. However, she officially cleared her fellow contestant from the scandal and said that he did nothing wrong. She previously stated that she was a victim in the said incident and threatened to take legal action against the crew of the show.

Was Corinne sober?

During the Tuesday’s episode of “Bachelor in Paradise,” Corinne also told Harrison that she mixed her drink with meds that caused her to experience a total blackout when she and DeMario had their sexual encounter in the swimming pool.

She claimed that she only learned about it the following day when her fellow contestants informed her. However, others who have seen the footage said that she was sober and appeared to be fully engaged in the actions. The remaining contestants previously told the host that DeMario was the victim of the sexual incident and not Corinne.

Apparently, because they took DeMario's side and said the reason why he suffered backlash was that he is black while Corinne is white.

On the other hand, the remaining contestants of “Bachelor in Paradise” also defended Corinne for getting too much slut-shaming. However, they were firm that DeMario was the victim of the sexual misconduct.

The incident also prompted the producers to impose new policies in the show pertaining to the contestants’ drinking and on-camera consent. The new rules are now in place.

The new policies

One of “Bachelor in Paradise” contestants previously said that their drinks are now limited to two drinks per hour. They are also required to log whenever they drink. Contestants should also be aware that when they want to spend time with their partners, it must be “on camera and consensual.”