"Days of our Lives" spoilers reveal some shocking storylines are coming. In the latest batch of "DOOL" spoilers, JJ Deveraux (Casey Moss) will make the biggest mistake of his life, and it will completely change everything for him and his victim Theo Carver (Kyler Pettis). That's right, JJ's actions will forever change Theo's life, and it will be a tragic situation to watch play out later this year.

JJ will make a shocking mistake that will impact Theo's life forever

According to the latest "Days of our Lives" news, JJ will be in a police situation, and he will fire a bullet at the wrong person, striking Theo.

It seems that there will be some sort of showdown in Salem and that Theo will sadly be the ultimate victim. JJ will mistake Theo for a criminal and put a bullet into him that will paralyze poor Theo and leave him bed ridden in the hospital.

Kyler Pettis is leaving 'DOOL,' and now viewers know why Theo will soon be gone

As many "Days Of Our Lives" fans already know, Kyler Pettis is possibly leaving the NBC soap, and now his leaked final scenes make a bit more sense. The accident reveals why Theo is lying in a hospital bed, although he looks healthy. It also reveals why he may be leaving.

In the scenes, Claire says her goodbyes to Theo and mentions a "program." While many fans first thought that Theo could be headed off for college, it now seems that the character is instead headed to some sort of rehab facility to help him after he was paralyzed by JJ's bullet.

Bullets and babies: JJ and Lani have some major drama coming their way

Meanwhile, it looks like JJ will also take a bullet, but he will be fine. In fact, Theo will be his main concern. JJ is currently dating Theo's older sister, Lani, and the entire situation will likely put a huge strain on their relationship, that is if they're still dating at the time of the accident.

In the leaked scenes, Theo reveals that he is going to be an uncle. "Days of our Lives" fans are wondering if JJ is the father of Lani's baby, if the couple will split, and if Lani and Eli may have conceived the child.

Will JJ ever be able to forgive himself for what he's done to Theo?

Either way, it is a bad situation, and Theo, who is widely considered to be the sweetest "DOOL" character, will be leaving Salem in the very near future. Thankfully, Theo will make it out of the ordeal alive, but JJ's guilt could get the better of him. It looks like he'll be struggling after the shooting.