Justin Bieber's diva behavior is back in the news after his unbelievable tour rider has been released for his upcoming visit to India. MSN reports that Bieber is very firm in his demands and is getting many jaw-dropping looks after the list was leaked on Twitter by a journalist named Arjun S Ravi.

It takes a lot to make sure Justin Bieber is kept happy on tour

As far as transportation needs go, he must have top of the line luxury transportation for not only himself but all 120 members of his personal entourage. However, he will be traveling in the requested Rolls.

Justin is a tense and stressful guy, he also needs a jacuzzi installed just for him so he can relax before he goes on stage to perform. He also requires an "Indian yoga casket" that is stocked with exotic essential oils and books on chakras at his hotel suite.

Justin Bieber is very demanding

Speaking of Justin Bieber's accommodations, they must be five-star. MSN reports that two entire hotels have been reserved for Justin Bieber and company, but Bieb's suite must measure at least 1,000 sq ft, decorated to suit Justin's own personal taste and loaded with expensive antique furniture and tons of beautiful, purple carnations.

The "Love Yourself" hitmaker also desperately requires a few items for fun and games like a ping pong table, and a Playstation as part of his accommodations.

Now, since Justin Bieber does not want to travel by car while he is in town, he needs a helicopter and a jet on standby to make his travel needs as painless as possible.

Now, let's get down to Justin's nutritional needs. JB must have a personal, around the clock gourmet chef for when those midnight munchies hit. Also, all of Bieber's meals must be named after his songs.

One might get the feeling that Bieber's demands are more about control than actual comfort. Other celebrities are well known for pushing the tour rider demand limits, including, Kanye West, who demands a massive amount of skin care products, Mariah Carey's bendy straws and Cristal, Iggy Pop's Bob Hope impersonator, and Marilyn Manson's request for a bald, toothless hooker, to name a few.

At the event center, Justin Bieber's Dressing Room must be perfect. The dressing room must have all white curtains, at least 24 bottles of alkaline water, ranch sauce-coated vegetables, and a dozen plain white handkerchiefs.

Bieber also requires specific clothing to be on hand, including white t-shirts and tanks, white trainer socks, white cheddar popcorn, and sliced white bread.

What are your thoughts on Justin Bieber's diva demands listed on his tour rider?