Duggars, babies, and courtships, oh my. Did John David Duggar romantically link to a mystery woman? Is Josiah Duggar "Counting On" a restart with ex-girlfriend Marjorie Jackson? Are Joy-Anna Duggar Forsyth and/or Jinger Duggar Vuolo pregnant yet? When are Anna and Josh Duggar going to have the fifth baby? Is Jana Duggar finally in a new relationship? What's real and what's reality TV gossip with the "19 Kids and Counting"?

John David Duggar in clandestine courtship?

Evidently, John David, the third eldest of the "19 Kids and Counting" may be courting a young woman in Texas while working on his pilot's license in Mississippi.

Nothing is concrete as JDD keeps to himself, but mama Michelle Duggar isn't so private, updating everyone on every little thing via Facebook and Instagram. If John David is changing his relationship status, fans can expect the reality television family's jungle drums to beat.

Josiah Duggar back on with Marjorie Jackson?

Josiah inadvertently posted a picture of himself with his ex Marjorie Jackson on social media. This guy's another oyster among the "19 Kids and Counting" social butterflies. Fans must rely on "Counting On" plus Duggar family updates for info. It might not have been an announcement from the dark horse's mouth because it was pulled shortly afterward. Joseph Duggar is definitely courting Kendra Caldwell but no one is sure about Josiah and Margie.

Jana Duggar looking for love in all the wrong places?

Nope, actually, the oldest "19 Kids and Counting" girl isn't "Counting On" love at all. She's waiting on God (or maybe Jim Bob Duggar) to supply a groom. Hopeful fans have played Cupid with Tim Tebow, a few of the "Bringing Up Bates" boys, and Jonathon Hartono, but Jana Duggar denied all of them.

Meanwhile, John David's 27-year-old twin continues to help Anna Duggar and new moms Jessa Seewald and Jill Dillard.

Jinger, Joy-Anna, Josh Duggar baby news?

"19 Kids and Counting" fans are wondering when Josh's fifth child will arrive. Anna announced her pregnancy in March (and was already visibly expecting). After the pedophilia and incest scandal that ended the first TLC reality TV show, the "Counting On" cast has kept pretty mum on Josh Duggar.

But of late, they've been seen more and may return to TLC. Newlyweds Joy-Anna and Jinger Duggar have been quiet about pregnancy too.

Duggar men busier than women?

Since Jill delivered their son, she and Derick Dillard decided to end their mission trips. But the unemployed dad found time to harangue transgender teen Jazz Jennings on Twitter. Underemployed (according to Jim Bob) Jeremy Vuolo keeps busy bashing Catholics and other Christians. Ben Seewald is reportedly at odds with his FIL, and Josh can't find a job. Thanks to reality TV, the "19 Kids and Counting" men seem to have few productive things to do and lots of time on their hands.