Jinger Duggar is somewhat of a rebel. She has always been the sister to march to the beat of her own drum. Her respect for her father's rules was always there, even if she didn't really want to do what was asked of her. Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo have become a force to be reckoned with, living an authentic life without all of the control aspects she grew up with.

Jinger surprises fans with more skin

Instagram is filled with a lot of wonderful photos, which many fans find fun to look at. Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo have been sharing their marriage journey with fans via photos.

Of course, sharing these photos also brings unwanted comments and unnecessary drama. Duggar recently shared a photo of herself with her husband, and it has fans and critics talking. According to the Hollywood Gossip, there may be a little spite being dished out with the newest photo. Jinger is shown wearing a sleeveless top and pants. While this is typical of what you would expect out of a young twenty-something, this is a huge taboo for a Duggar child.

Critics have immediately dubbed this as a signal to Jim Bob Duggar. Jinger is not afraid to wear what she wants and share her look with everyone. In fact, she literally shocked everyone when she was seen wearing shorts shortly after she married Jeremy Vuolo.

This has been a battle back and forth about whether or not her choices are made to spite her father or because she actually enjoys wearing something other than skirts or dresses.

Rebellion was expected

Fans who have been following the family for a while have predicted that there would be at least one Duggar child who would break the mold.

Jinger Duggar is that child. While she has been respectful the entire time, her immediate comfortability with pants and shorts shows how much she wanted to branch out. Duggar would never disrespect her parents in any way and despite those who claim her wardrobe is solely to spite Jim Bob, that is just not her style.

The new season of "Counting On" will begin in September and fans are hoping there will be some news about Jinger and Jeremy starting a family.

They will be back in Arkansas for an October wedding, which has fans really happy. The Duggar family has so much to celebrate right now, even with all of the drama surrounding them. Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo are happy with where they are in life and the fact that he isn't overbearing on his wife has made him a fan-favorite right off the bat.