Jim Bob Duggar is controversial. You either love him or hate him, there is no true in between. As a father of 19 children, he has had to get creative with ways to make money. Of course, being a reality star is one of those ways. Duggar also owns several sides businesses. From used car dealerships to reselling things, there is money to be made for the patriarch of the family.

Contradictory beliefs

The entire Duggar Family is all about their religious beliefs. They live their life by the word, or rather, they keep appearances up based on their beliefs.

Jim Bob Duggar has long since been accused of loving money. According to the Hollywood Gossip, there is a love of money hidden inside Jim Bob Duggar's heart. The family has a very nice home, cars for the older children, a guest home for where the married couples live at first, and plenty of other things that have been shown on the show. There is also the salary the family is given for being on the show, which is speculated to be a pretty decent sum, especially since the show garners high ratings.

Being a hoarder isn't something most people would peg Jim Bob Duggar as. Their house never looks overly crowded, even with all of the children around. There have been plenty of projects done where it was interesting to see where the things came from, but being a hoarder hasn't been on the list of things Duggar seems to be.

Aside from the house and the car dealerships, it is rumored that Mr. Duggar attends auctions and randomly brings home truck loads of stuff. This has not been chronicled on the show to the extent that is being talked about. Michelle Duggar has done couponing and stuff in the past to collect a stockpile of things, but sending home truckloads of junk is not the Duggar way.

Wild accusations follow the Duggars

Rumors are nothing new for the Duggar family. The topics usually center around Josh Duggar or one of the girls, but this time, Jim Bob is catching the heat. He has been dubbed controlling and sexist over and over again. While some of those things could describe the patriarch, the hoarder accusation is over the top according to "Counting On" fans.

With things changing so much in the upcoming months and years, there is no telling what is going to happen with the Duggar family. Jim Bob Duggar may have several tricks up his sleeve to keep things good for his family, but who wouldn't with 19 kids to feed and countless grandchildren and in-laws on the way?