Former “Bachelorcontestant Vienna Girardi just revealed in an emotional Facebook post that she lost her twin baby girls at 18 weeks. She lost her daughters on August 5.

Details about Girardi’s post

She started her Facebook post by saying that talking about the death of her twin babies is the hardest thing she ever has to write. She revealed that she went in for an ultra sound on August 3 because her Perinatologist saw that one of her twin girls had more fluids compared to the other. This is the first sign of Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome, which means one of the twins takes more nutrients than the other.

On the same day, Girardi’s water broke due to the amniotic sacs breaking. She was then admitted to the hospital in hopes of saving her girls. She was less than five months pregnant and doctors said if she did not go into labor and deliver the kids, she might also die due to the infection that could possibly start in her uterus.

How Girardi lost her babies

Girardi still fought to keep her Twin Daughters alive although doctors told her that there was a very slim chance that the babies would survive, People reported. On the second day that she was in the hospital, the twins stopped breathing.

According to Today, the former “Bachelor” contestant also went into a septic shock and had a fever that reached 104 degrees.

Girardi lost her babies and she was rushed to the operating room for an emergency surgery in an attempt to save her life. She spent the next four days at the Intensive Care Unit.

Twins donated for scientific purposes

After Girardi has recovered from the surgery, one of the doctors who worked on her and her babies asked if she would donate her twin babies to science so they can “understand why this happens and be able to save another” woman who also has twins suffering from the aforementioned syndrome.

She said she could not grasp why this happened but she decided to donate her twins because she does not want another mother to feel the pain she feels. Girardi concluded her statement by saying that she will never forget her twin girls and she loved them both with her entire heart. She asked her fans to respect her privacy and thanked them for their support and prayers.

Girardi announced her pregnancy back in June after she posted an ultrasound photo on her Instagram account. Per Girardi’s representative, Richard Harlow, he said that she just had a gender reveal party four days before she lost them.