Multi-talented Jared Leto wears many faces. You know him best as "The Joker" in the scary-weird "Suicide Squad." But as bizarre as that look is, it's not the freakiest for the Oscar-winning actor. Leto shows his most startling transformations in massive weight gain, followed by a rapid 60-lb weight loss, and then a further 40 pounds. At 5' 9," 60 pounds plunged him into obesity and to lose it required anorexic starvation. Both had horrifying physical consequences on the "Adventures in Wonderland" creator.

Jared Leto displays frightening talent

Why in the world would anyone subject himself to such health hazards?

It's all about Hollywood and the lengths actors will go to in order to play a part. In 2007, Leto played Mark David Chapman in "Chapter 27." The Beatles fanboy and killer of John Lennon was obese. The "My So-Called Life" actor had to bulk up to 210 from his slim 151 pounds. To do so, the Thirty Seconds to Mars bandsman literally force-fed himself solid fats like butter and mayonnaise. He gorged on junk food. This binge eating and weight gain left him with severe foot pain like gout.

Jared Leto drops 100 pounds for AIDS

The "Chapter 27" celebrity worked like mad to get those extra 60 pounds off. He fasted and went back to his vegan diet. But Leto claims it took his body a full year to recuperate from the trauma of rapid weight gain.

Obesity-related health conditions plagued him even after weight loss. But then, in 2013, the chameleon actor did it all over again, only in the reverse direction. To play the transgender AIDS patient Rayon in "Dallas Buyers Club," Leto dropped to 114 pounds. He basically ate nothing and the starvation diet took its toll too.

Jared Leto's many faces, many loves

"The Joker" says that losing all that weight affected every aspect of his life as much as obesity. It kind of mirrors the way the HIV virus changes everything for patients. Matthew McConaughey also dropped a significant amount for his role and was equally affected. Beside weight fluctuations, Leto's led a tempestuous love life.

He's dated, or has been rumored to be romantically linked to such Celebrities as Scarlett Johansson, Cameron Diaz, Lupita Nyong'o, Paris Hilton, Miley Cyrus, Lindsay Lohan, Sharon Stone, and Katy Perry, among others. Of all the faces, the most surprising is the actor's own. At 45, many ask how he manages to stay so young. Leto credits his vegan diet and avoidance of alcohol.