Kim Kardashian has recently come forward to talk about her sister Kendall's involvement in the controversial Pepsi advertisement which received huge backlash. Kendall Jenner has never addressed her part in the commercial and has expressed her desire to forget that it ever happened. Kim has shared that she often sees Kendall crying because of the negative comments people are leaving online.

Kim Kardashian reveals that Kendall was distraught after Pepsi commercial

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Kendall's sister Kim Kardashian has revealed that the Pepsi advertisement caused her sister Kendall to break down in tears at home.

Kim stated that celebrities are not perfect and that when a lot of people get together to attack someone online that it can be quite scary and upsetting.

She shared that Kendall was involved in a project that was portrayed right and that it was the responsibility of the company to correct their mistakes in the advertisement. Kim stated that she sees Kendall at home crying and that both she and her sister team have encouraged her to share this response with her fans.

In a report by Just Jared, Kim revealed that the media are portraying her as someone who has not responded to the Pepsi commercial when in reality Kendall has had a huge response for her involvement. According to Kim, Kendall has stated that she does not want to see the footage of her crying on the internet.

Kim went on to claim that Kendall was not being dramatic or blowing things out of proportion but was genuinely upset at the time.

The company have issued an apology for the poorly put together advertisement

According to People Magazine, while Kendall Jenner has not addressed the controversial Pepsi commercial the company themselves has issued an apology for the advertisement.

The commercial received a lot of negative backlash as the public thought it trivialized police violence during peaceful protests and the Black Lives Matter movement.

In the advertisement Kendall Jenner is seen going up to a police line and handing one of the officers a can of Pepsi. This supposedly ends the conflict between the police and the protesters and the public were outraged.

Pepsi has stated that their intention was to share a message of global unity and peace and admitted that they missed the mark.

They have removed the content and stated that they did not mean to trivialize any important matters or issues and have since retracted the commercial which is no longer on the air. The public is still outraged about the commercial and continues to call out Kendall Jenner for her involvement.

While Kim Kardashian has spoken on her sister's behalf it is clear that the public wants to hear from Jenner herself.