Jinger Duggar Vuolo is doing things very differently since her marriage to Jeremy Vuolo. She's wearing pants and worldly fashions and playing basketball, and her husband lets her. The Reality TV couple broke key courtship rules too. And everyone thought Josh Duggar was persona non grata! Folks are predicting a confrontation between Jeremy and Jinger and Jim Bob Duggar. Is it out with the old regime of "19 Kids and Counting" and in with "Counting On" 2.0?

A Transgender Duggar?

Good heavens, no, Jinger is only wearing shorts and pants instead of "19 Kids and Counting" dress uniform.

But she is acting "manly" playing sports and wearing men's clothing. In Duggar protocol that's tantamount to dressing in drag and one step from transgender or LGBT. Worst of all, Jeremy encourages his wayward wife. He posts adorable pictures on Instagram of her "slacking off" the "Counting On" dress code and shooting hoops.

Duggars "Counting On" LGBT drama

The "Counting On" family has enough LGBT problems already. Jana Duggar has been single, so long folks are wondering if she's a lesbian. Mother Michelle Duggar robocalled voters to get the gay community run out of town. Derick Dillard provoked a Twitter war with transgender Jazz Jennings of "I Am Jazz." "19 Kids and Counting" Josh Duggar made a living of homophobia and then admitted to incest and pedophilia.

Jin-Jer dodging pregnancy?

"Counting On" fans suggested Jinger Vuolo may be trying to dissociate from pregnancy rumors by playing basketball. Her family--led by Jessa Seewald and Jill Duggar Dillard--has been hounding her about having a baby. But Jin-Jer said they were doing their own family planning. They won't use birth control (heaven forfend) but hope to stave off children.

After living in a family of "19 Kids and Counting" on reality television, no one is surprised that the couple wants time alone. That "no huggie, no kissee till I get a wedding ring" stuff during courtship must have gotten pretty old!

Jeremy Vuolo, Ben Seewald, Jim Bob face off?

There might be more to Jinger dropping her skirt than just a costume change.

Her new husband is a Calvinist minister. Ben Seewald hails from that persuasion. The "19 Kids and Counting" clan is staunch Southern Baptist. Such differences can be deal-breakers even In Protestant churches. Pastor Vuolo has been criticizing other Christians and Catholics on Facebook. Maybe a "Counting On" kid will bring a Catholic or Orthodox Christian home. But they couldn't receive Holy Eucharist in a non-transubstantiation church even if they could handle the Duggar Family.