The Duggar Family of "Counting On" has a no-touch before marriage policy, but afterwards anything goes, it seems. Joy-Anna Duggar and her new husband Austin Forsyth proved that with some racy cuddling which the Christian Post reports that some are calling obscene. Fans came unglued when the newlyweds touched genitals right on reality TV. Folks are wondering where the heck the modesty of "19 Kids and Counting" went.

Duggar family blasted for 'immorality'

The Duggar family made a name for themselves preaching Biblical purity in dress, behavior, and hands-off courtship.

TLC's "Counting On" shows Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar literally inserting themselves between the courting couple no matter how old the pair is. Jim Bob Duggar and his wife go to great lengths to prevent pre-marital sex among the "19 Kids and Counting." So, seeing Joy-Anna and Austin nearly copulating was all the more disturbing. What's the big yank?

Joy-Anna Duggar-Forsyth gets to third base

Austin Forsyth was spread eagle on the couch during a "Counting On: The after show" recap. His wife Joy was sitting directly on his crotch. Fans were annoyed that he was sprawled out and in an overtly sexual pose. Commenters said no one should act this way. It would even be too intimate on "Keeping up with the Kardashians." But from the squeaky clean "19 Kids and Counting" Duggars, it was unexpected.

Joy and Austin didn't need this negative PR, since using their Instagram and Facebook pages to cadge presents for Kendra Caldwell and Joseph Duggar.

Do as they say, not as they Duggar

Some praised Austin and Joy-Anna Forsyth but it was more backhanded kudos for breaking with "Counting On" protocol. The pair may also have been so sheltered that they didn't realize this was inappropriate.

This is not the first hypocrisy from the "19 Kids and Counting" Duggar family. Jana Duggar and her sisters have been faulted for "sexy" dress styles, sensual makeup, and hair, Jill Dillard, Joy-Anna, Jessa Seewald and Jinger Duggar got flak for suing cops over the handling of Josh Duggar. They've been accused of exploiting the incest scandal.

Josh Duggar sex scandal leaves a bad taste

The thing that rankles most is Josh Duggar and his pedophilia, pornography, incest, adultery and Ashley Madison accounts. It bothers people that the family would shelter a sex offender while pushing morality on others. Josh's behavior shut down "19 Kids and Counting." Now, he wants to get his pregnant, cheated-on wife Anna Duggar and his kids back on "Counting On" like nothing ever happened. Many find it ironic, not only that Bible beaters would be in something so worldly as a reality TV show, but that they would profit so handsomely from reality televison.