As per a Facebook post Jill Duggar Dillard and her husband Derick Dillard are quitting mission work and moving "Dillard Family Ministries" stateside. As noble as that sounds, the real story may be less altruistic and more mercenary. Has the big money made on "19 Kids and Counting" and "Counting On" kill the missionary zeal? Did the fact that the Dillards lack qualifications and sponsorship finally sink in?

What is "Dillard Family Ministries?"

According to Jill Dillard it's a full-time organization of "community development, skills training, sports outreach, and local church ministry." But don't let the fancy labels fool you.

These are two kids with a baby doing volunteer work. The difference between the "19 Kids and Counting" stars and countless other couples who coach or teach Sunday School is that Derick Dillard gave it a title. Under that nifty name, they fundraised on GoFundMe and went to Central America. They were "Counting On'' going back but say God has other plans.

Dillards unprepared for mission work?

As harsh as that sounds, no, the "Counting On" couple isn't up to mission work. They have styled themselves as missionaries but have no formal accreditation. Mission work isn't just a fond wish to help others. Training, specific skills and organizational or church sponsorship are required. The Peace Corps and Americorps require a university degree.

Derick and Jill Dillard lack any of those. Beyond homeschooling, neither of the "19 Kids and Counting" Celebrities has any higher education or college.

Dillards recalled or unfit for missions?

No one likes to say "failed" but it does sound as if the "Counting On" couple misunderstood God. Michelle Duggar said the Lord called them to work at home but was there ever any sending in the first place?

The Southern Baptist synod didn't approve them for foreign missions and there's no mention of any U.S. assignment. Well. that's "19 Kids and Counting" for you. As with Josh Duggar and the incest--blame, claim God's validation and deny responsibility. The Duggar girls are even trying to profit from the pedophilia by suing local police.

Derick Dillard avoiding employment?

Is Derick Dillard's "ministry" an excuse for not getting a job? For a new dad he sure has a lot of spare time. He provoked an LGBT war over transgender star Jazz Jennings. And everyone is okay with Dillard shooting hoops and playing on Twitter for a living? Jinger Duggar's husband Jeremy Vuolo actually is a pastor and Jim Bob Duggar told him to get a real job. No one on "19 Kids and Counting" works outside the home much and that's down to one thing: TLC.

Duggar Family (reality TV) Ministries?

So the Duggars understandably want to keep Jill, Derick and grandbabies Israel and Samuel Scott close. But those reality TV spoils must be a big lure too. "Counting On" is estimated to net the Dillards at least $25,000 an episode.

The reality television star co-authored a lucrative book with Jana Duggar and Jessa Seewald. Jill's reportedly worth almost half a million. So living in solidarity with the poor probably doesn't look that attractive anymore.