Finally Hit will face Jiren and 3 of his friends in episode 104 of “Dragon Ball Super.” Toppo and Dispo are charged with the task of dealing with the assassin from Universe 6, and as he sees Hit in this dire situation, Goku decides to aid him. Finally the clash between the strongest warriors in the arena is about to begin.

Do Jiren and Hit know each other from years past?

The official synopsis of episode 104 of “Dragon Ball Super” tells us that many warriors have been defeated, and there are only less than 30 of them left in the arena. The great justice warrior from Universe 11 shows that he is more than capable of facing both the main character of the series and the great assassin from Universe 6.

On a previous commercial of “Dragon Ball Heroes,” we’ve been able to see Jiren facing Golden Frieza. Surely in the next episodes of the series the great emperor will be defeated by the strongest warrior from Universe 11.

Frieza and Frost plan to rule all the Universes and, above all, dominate the remaining Gods, but according to some social network polls, 80% of the fans believe that the villains will merge and defeat Jiren. From the remaining percentage, 15% of the fans think that Jiren will defeat them and the last 5% think that Dashinkan-Sama will kill the strongest warriors of the contest and face Zen-oh.

But first we will see Gohan unleashing all his power on episode 103 after seeing his mentor Piccolo defeated by a warrior from Universe 10.

Gohan will attack Botamo and will also face all the warriors from the God of destruction, Rumoosh. It is rumored that Gohan will get mad and reach his “mystic state” one more time.

One of the script writers confirmed that Hit and Vegeta will face each other again in the tournament. Let’s see whether Vegeta is defeated by the assassin or will eventually choose to join forces along with Goku to face stronger enemies.

Master Roshi will surprise Beerus after defeating two enemies along with Tienshin Han.

Last but not least

Magetta will support his friend Botamo and will earn the respect of The Gods in his own way. Champa will say that Magetta is stronger than any of the robots from Universe 3.

Caulifla expresses to Kale how proud she is of her and will keep on fighting side-by-side to stop Jiren’s vengeance of eliminating her friends.

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