Jimmy Kimmel recently revealed new details about his son’s health months after he cried on air on his show because his then-newborn son will undergo heart surgeries. The updates from Kimmel were made in his recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter.

The three-month-old son of Kimmel, named William “Billy” John, will have two more heart surgeries. He is doing better now than how he was months ago, CNN reported. He had an open heart surgery just three days after he was born because of a rare heart defect.

Kimmel on stressful, difficult first days of Billy’s life

Kimmel revealed that he and his wife, Molly McNearney, did not know anything about heart surgery before their son underwent the Open Heart Surgery. He noted that the first days of Billy’s life were stressful and difficult and likened it to an episode of a television show that had gone terribly wrong.

The open heart surgery lasted for around two hours and Kimmel said they were told it would take longer. However, they were surprised when the doctor came out and told them the surgery went well. He also revealed that having their family around, especially his cousins, made everything lighter and they were able to laugh through the ordeal, People reported.

Late night host took opportunity to plead to Congress over affordable health care

Kimmel’s 13-minute monologue on his show “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” back in April not only highlighted his son’s condition but also became an opportunity for the TV icon to plead to the Congress that children should be able to get the same care as his son did, noting that the Affordable Health Care Act should no longer be opposed but instead should be fixed.

He noted that he did not worry about addressing the Affordable Health Care Act issue on his show because he knew he had to say something about the hot issue. He noted that there should be no debate when it comes to health care because the government wants to provide education to American citizens. Kimmel does not see the logic behind not providing health care to the same population.

He said the ObamaCare is not perfect but when people who oppose it will work against something, it makes it even a tougher road. Kimmel said he spoke to so many people who shared their stories about a loved one still alive because of the benefits from the Affordable Health Care Act.

Former presidents Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, and George W. Bush all sent letters to him privately after his monologue and his pleas. Congressmen also sent him letters but he did not drop names.

Kimmel also said during his The Hollywood Reporter interview that he would love to have President Donald Trump on his show because he would be able to discuss to the president his thoughts about the Affordable Health Care Act.