Big Brother 19” spoilers now reveal who won the Power Of Veto. The Veto Results came out on Saturday (August 12) as six people played for the right to hold the power this week. The six participants in the Veto Competition were Alex Ow, Matt Clines, Jason Dent, Elena Davies, Paul Abrahamian, and Mark Jansen.

Previous “Big Brother 19” spoilers from the weekend revealed that Mark Jansen had won the Temptation Competition to gain safety for the week. Matt Clines finished in last place, putting him on the block as the third nominee. Then Alex Ow nominated Jason Dent and Elena Davies as her two nominees for eviction.

Early Saturday, Paul Abrahamian and Mark Jansen were selected to join the Veto Competition.

So who won the Power of Veto this week?

Matt Clines won the Power of Veto. This means that Matt is faced with a very difficult choice over the next 48 hours. Matt can simply use the Veto on himself, saving him from being on the block and at risk of going to the “BB19” jury. Matt can also decide to save one of the other nominees (Elena or Jason) and force Alex to name a replacement. The latter plan is what will be put in motion unless something drastic changes and an alliance shift takes place.

At the Veto Ceremony, Alex Ow will be forced to name a replacement nominee for eviction. Those might end up being the least surprising “Big Brother 19” spoilers of the season.

There is a plan already in place to use the backdoor option on Cody Nickson, meaning he will have little choice but to take his seat on the block (yet again) this week.

Who goes home this week from ‘Big Brother’ cast?

At the Eviction Ceremony on August 17, Cody Nickson is going to be evicted by the “BB19” cast. This is something he already knew was coming, especially after the house worked so hard to get Jessica Graf evicted last week.

After Cody participated in a conversation where Jessica stated that they should go drown Alex in the backyard, it’s only fitting that Alex is going to be the one to send him right out the front door.

Cody Nickson will become the first member of the “BB19” jury, but he won’t be alone for long. Host Julie Chen already let fans in on some additional “Big Brother 19” spoilers this week, as the August 17 episode will be a double eviction.

Soon after Cody is evicted from the game, someone will be walking out behind him. This means that two people will head to the jury house at the same time. Who will join Cody? Stay tuned, because those “Big Brother 19” spoilers are coming soon as well.