With the immense popularity of the sitcom "The Big Bang Theory," the story itself has been receiving a lot of praise and is gathering many fans. Despite rumors about the possible ending of the popular CBS TV Show, producer Chuck Lorre and the rest of the team is excited and at the same time a bit anxious for the show's spin off "Young Sheldon."

In a recent Interview, Jim Parsons, the actor who portrays the character of Sheldon Cooper in the "The Big bang Theory" says that the creation of a prequel about his life in the hit sitcom is a very moving and emotional experience for him.

Parsons is also one of the producers of the spin off together with Lorre and he also narrates the story.

Jim Parsons is narrating the "Young Sheldon"

One of the highlights of TBBT sitcom is the very stellar character of Sheldon Cooper (played by Jim Parsons.) His neurotic and socially inept attitude always stuns the fans that made them thought about her childhood. Thus, "Young Sheldon" was created and is actually co-produced and narrated by Jim Parsons himself.

Who could be more familiar to the character of Sheldon than himself? That is why it is a very smart move for the production team to cast him as the narrator. It would be really great to know his story from his perspective and point of view.

For now, Parsons might have been very familiar with his character because he has been on the show for a decade already. The narration might be viewed by the critics as rather riskier than a normal type of film but who knows what will happen? If we could recall, "Wonder Years" have also been in a narration type but fans greatly appreciated it making it a hit show.

Is 'The Big Bang Theory' about to end?

While TBBT is about to roll for its 11th season this fall, the hit comedy shave already been renewed for its 12th season and is rumored to be the last. In an interview, Chuck Lorre said that he was so amazed when they were renewed for the 11th season and even more grateful for the 12th season.

With the length of the show, Lorre said that anybody could really presume that the show might be ending soon and that he is really thankful that they are already where they are.

Executive Steve Molaro also added that they are just looking at one at time and he cac't believe where they are now. Along with his co-creator of "The Big bang Theory" Bill Prady, executive producer Chuck Lorre was enthusiastic and optimistic about the creation of the "Young Sheldon."