It seems that Angelina Jolie got more than she bargained for when she decided to unleash her legal team on entertainment magazine Vanity Fair.

Fiasco from her first major interview in a long time

Vanity Fair recently published a September cover story featuring Angelina Jolie -- the actress' first major interview after her split with her former husband, Brad Pitt.

They talked about everything in that cover story, with the aim of sharing to fans and followers how Angelina had been in the past months. They talked about how she felt about the divorce and her children, her new house, and even how she got diagnosed Bell's palsy.

Of course, she talked about her later endeavors, too. Like how she directed the film "First They Killed My Father," based on a book of the same title by Loung Ung. This was when it started to get crazy.

An audition disguised as a 'game.'

Apparently, the general public thought that Angelina Jolie and other people responsible for making the film employed a weird, rather cruel way of auditioning for children who can fit the bill as the movie's main character.

The method employed, as Vanity Fair's Evgenia Peretz reveals, is first carried out by placing some money on a table. Then Jolie and company would instruct a kid to stare at the money for a while and think where and how they would spend it. After this, they will say that the kid should take the money and run.

The director -- Angelina Jolie -- would then pretend to catch the kid. The kid would have to come up with a convincing lie, presumably to cover them from being accused of taking the money.

The exercise might have been simulated, but it's not hard to see why people would have a problem with this.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Jolie already got her lawyers involved.

The legal team contacted Vanity Fair, saying that Evgenia Peretz' piece has misrepresented the conversation. They also asked the magazine to run a statement, which would contain some phrases of their writing. Some choice passages include "The children were not tricked as some have suggested," and "All of the children auditioning were made aware of the fictional aspect of the exercise."

However, Vanity Fair reviewed the transcript of the interview's audiotapes.

In the tapes, Jolie was saying, "I mean [the children] didn’t know. We just went in and — you just go in and do some auditions with the kids." She also added that the "audition" procedure was under the guise of the game.

No further comment by Jolie or her representatives were available as of the time of writing, but it seems Vanity Fair would not be issuing a statement of apology anytime soon.