Everybody’s favorite nerd, Sheldon Cooper, has some mighty, big news to share. Well, actually the actor who plays him is all set to thrill his fans. First, the Emmy winner Jim Parsons of “The Big Bang Theory” has a new six-week radio series on Andy Cohen’s SiriusXM channel, Radio Andy. During his Friday premiere broadcast of his “Jim Parsons is Too Stupid for Politics,” the actor told listeners, that with the help of a few Washington insiders, he will be keeping them up to date with the current political climate. The Texas native says his biggest desire is to discuss things going on in the government and around the country from a fact-based, neutral point of view.

Jim Parsons taking over the airways

Parsons admitted to not being an expert and feeling scared to death regarding his dive into political radio. He joked about the reason for the word “stupid” being a part of the title, stating it was a good, built-in excuse and no one can call him out on it because the public had been warned. On the other hand, Parsons cautions listeners to not let the title fool them. He says he’s been doing some extensive research on matters. “Jim Parson is Too Stupid for Politics” is a one-hour weekly talk show. “The Big Bang Theory” fans will be pleased to know that the actor’s “part-time” gig won’t get in the way of his duties playing Sheldon Cooper on the popular sitcom.

In fact, there is more Jim Parsons/Sheldon Cooper on the horizon.

Filling this Texan’s shoes is one tall order

The other big news is there’s apparently a spin-off in the works chronicling the life of Sheldon Cooper. Jim Parsons will be executive producing a spin-off about his strangely quirky but lovable character. According to Parsons, the series will feature Sheldon Cooper as a teenager growing up in a colorful Texas family.

Naturally, this means Parsons will not be playing the role he so successfully brought to life, but he does offer some sage advice. He suggests that whoever is cast for the part, watch as little of him as possible and make the teenage character his own. Parsons, who credits the show’s writers from the very beginning, says he is really excited about the new venture and believes it will be quite different from “The Big Bang Theory,” but in a good way.