Jill Duggar recently took to social media to start more rumors about her family, and this time created speculation that her brothers might one day join the military. The young mother of two has recently faced her own series of rumors after not posting photos of her newborn son, Samuel Scott, to her Instagram or social media for several days. According to many fans, this was indicative that something might be wrong with the pair. Jill labored for almost 40 hours with her son before having a C-section, though the fact that she has posted several morose quotes or inspirational lines from the Bible has lead many to believe that something might be up.

The Duggars support the military

The Duggar family, which has been portrayed on the series "Counting On" and "19 Kids and Counting," is known for their right-wing views. In fact, several of the family members were recently condemned for supporting Trump. However, Jill Duggar took to Instagram to let fans know that there were no bones about the fact that that the family does support the military and that it creates strong men in God. Although no members of the Duggar Family have yet to join the Armed Forces, Jill's older brother, John David, has been training to be a pilot. He has also worked with the local fire department as a volunteer alongside his sister, Jana, who is still single and living at home.

Jill hints her brothers may join up

Jill created a frenzy when she posted to Instagram promotional material for ALERT (Air, Land, Emergency Resource Team). The program was designed for Christian men by church leader Bill Gothard's Institute in Basic Life Principles. Jill indicated that this was a great preparation for men aged 17 and older who may want to join the military or law enforcement.

A commenter asked if this meant that any of the Duggar boys would be joining the military any time soon, while another pointed out that none of them have done so as of yet. Although Jill doesn't often respond to comments, she responded to the commenter with the hashtag #notyet, which has set fans abuzz wondering if the Duggar boys might have plans to join the military.

Thus far, John David doesn't seem to have to plans to do so, as he is now 27 and potentially too old to be recruited. Joseph Duggar, one of the few Duggar boys over the age of 18, has decided to get married, as he has announced his engagement to Kendra Caldwell. The pair has not yet tied the knot, but plan to this fall.