Now that Matt Baier has split with "Teen Mom OG" star Amber Portwood for good, he's spilling the beans on his days filming the television show. The former reality star, who was known for causing lots of drama during his days, has been accused of stealing money from his ex-girlfriend's account and gambling it all away in a poker tournament in Las Vegas. The pair ultimately decided to part ways for good after the television personality failed to pass a lie detector test that he had been faithful to his girlfriend for the entire time during their relationship.

After rumors swirled for months about him having cheated on Amber, she finally had enough and cut him loose.

Matt says he was high for most of the episodes of 'Teen Mom OG'

During "Teen Mom OG," Amber and Matt's narrative was that they were both recovering addicts supporting one another in any way they could. However, it appears that Matt hasn't recovered from his disease and addiction as much as he likes to pretend he has, and instead has spent a lot of time on the show high. This does not bode well for Amber, who spent over a year in jail to help curb her addiction to opiates after rehab failed her. The reality star insists that she has been clean since she was released, but now that viewers know that Matt wasn't exactly clean himself, it calls into question whether they were perhaps using together.

It is also suspicious considering Matt lived with Amber and her young daughter, Leah, whom Amber claims to have gotten clean for.

Many fans of the show also don't necessarily believe that Matt ever had a sobriety issue and only used it to try and weasel his way further into Amber's life and have a way to relate to her.

Will he continue to appear on the show?

While exes of the women on "Teen Mom OG" do not usually appear on the TV show, Matt has insinuated that he would like to come back to the show in the future. He stated that he was a controversial character, meaning that he doesn't think the show would willingly give him up because of the "ratings" he brings.

However, this would go against the show's very core, as it typically does not bring back "characters" in order to add drama or "spice" to a situation. YouTube star Grace of "The Grace Report" said that she would lose respect for the show, which was started in order to teach young women about the dangers of getting pregnant at a young age, if he was allowed to continue to appear on episodes for no real reason.