Joseph Duggar and Kendra Caldwell have been engaged for a little over a month now. The big day happened the same day Joy-Anna Duggar married Austin Forsyth. Over the last few years, the Duggar family has handled a lot of weddings. It all started when Jill married Derick Dillard and the trickle effect happened as each of the sisters younger than Jill went on to get married.

Engagement news

It felt as if the courting process for Joseph Duggar and Kendra Caldwell went by incredibly fast. Rumors of her being connected to the family began last November when Jinger married Jeremy Vuolo.

It was initially believed that she was courting one of the Duggar sons and her sister was courting another. Eventually, the courting news was revealed while the show was on hiatus. After much speculation, Joseph Duggar and Kendra Caldwell announced they were engaged. When the details were shared, there was plenty of backlash for how it was done. Joseph proposing at his sister's wedding reception wasn't received well by fans but the family seemed to be okay with how it all went down. He asked his sister if it was okay and both Joy-Anna and Austin Forsyth gave their blessing.

A fall wedding has been discussed by the couple. It was a little shocking to see they were planning to get married so soon, especially since they had not been courting long before their engagement.

"Counting On" fans are interested to see how this wedding turns out because it will be the first in a long time that hasn't been planned by the Duggar family. The Caldwells are mostly in charge as their daughter is the bride-to-be.

Wedding date revealed

According to the Hollywood Gossip, Joseph and Kendra's Wedding Date has been revealed.

After some digging by fans, they reportedly found the couple's Amazon gift registry. The date is listed as October 7, 2017. This is a little over four months away which means there is a lot of planning to be done. Fans are leaning toward "Counting On" being picked up for a fifth season with the news of a fall wedding. While it is unclear if the date is accurate, it lines up with what Caldwell told People Magazine in the interview the couple gave after their engagement.

It is possible that the date is a decoy like Joy-Anna and Austin Forsyth used, but as of now, that is the date fans are inclined to believe.

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